Terms and Conditions for Use of Tigerpower Nutrition


NOTICE: These Terms and Conditions of Use are lawfully binding. Please read these Terms and Conditions of Use cautiously prior to purchase, or access to any of our products.

General Provisions 


This website is owned and operated by TPNutrition, a Netherlands-based company. Our principal place of business is located at Breda, Netherlands. You must be at least eighteen years of age to use our website. We host our site on a trustworthy platform and take rational efforts to preserve and host the site. Our team members keep on updating this page from time to time.

TPNutrition supplies A-quality products to people that help people healthily achieving their goals. We contain the best product and aim to help our customers in the best possible way out. 

Product Descriptions and Pricing

Our company strives for the service to be as precise as promising. All the information present on the website is correct, complete, trustworthy, error-free, or current. Moreover, our company might make changes in information related to price and accessibility from time to time. We aim to provide quality services to our clients. We contain a team of expert professionals who are trained in their job and assist customers in the best possible manner.

Placing an order on our website is very easy. Our webpage contains a simple and easy-to-use interface. We always confirm the orders of our clients by email. TPNutrition stands for tigerpower Nutrition. Our product enables you to boost your workout healthy. Our company reserves the right to limit the order amount on any product or service and/or to decline service to any client without former notice. While placing the order on our website, the users must enter the correct verification or information related to the shipment of any order. Once a client provides all the correct details, we then confirm the order.

Despite our paramount efforts, a small amount of the items on our service might be mispriced. In case an item’s accurate price is higher than our declared price, we will, at our prudence, either get in touch with you for directives before shipping or call off your order and inform you of such cancellation. Certain measures, weights, and analogous descriptions are estimated and are provided for ease reasons only. Being a customer, it is your liability to determine and observe all appropriate local, federal, state, and global laws with the ownership, use, and retailing of any item acquired from the Service.

Payment Process; Interest

All orders positioned through the service are subject to Company’s recognition. Terms of payment are inside the Businesses’ sole caution. The payment can be done in Euros along with a turnover tax (VAT). The customer also needs to pay other levies imposed by the government. The order comes with a shipping cost. The customer is responsible for paying the shipping price. The clients are required to pay all invoices. The company sometimes announces discount on some of their products on special dates i.e., black Friday, etc.

However, keep in mind that if the payment term is exceeded, our company is permitted to charge the client interest of 1% per month from the due date of the invoice. Our company will also send a reminder to the clients if the payment term is exceeded. In case, even after sending the reminder, the client didn’t pay the full amount stated in the reminder, the company has the right to accuse the purchaser of its extrajudicial costs. The customers are then responsible for any operating cost and/or fees acquired by the Company in accumulating past due amounts from you. Our company accepts the payment via certain payment manners.

Shipping; Risk of Loss;

1.) We ship the products in Europe. The delivery time involves around five to seven working days. The delivery times are analytic and not a deadline.

2.) The delivery period of the product is a highest of thirty (30) working days or so much shorter than is fixed in the conformity between the client and the company. In case the delivery period exceeds by TPNutrition because of any reason, the company will notify the client in writing straight away.

3.) TPNutrition reserves the right to formulate fractional deliveries to the client, so that an order is sent in more than one shipment.

The products are packed properly and shipped carefully. Handling and Shipping charges are added and the customer has to pay the price. Keep in mind the shipping dates are estimates only. The clients need to pay directly for the services from the website. They can also select the afterpay option and make the payment by following the law of the after-payment service. The clients are accountable for sales and other taxes linked with all orders. However, call to all intellectual property privileges will remain with the relevant licensor(s).

Trademarks and Content

All sorts of text, user interfaces, graphics, photographs, visual interfaces, trademarks, sounds, logos, artwork, computer code, and music, counting but not restricted to the structure, design, coordination, expression, selection, "look and feel" and collection of such content, enclosed on the Site is owned, illicit or certified by or to the Company and is confined by copyright, trade dress, trademark, and patent laws and different other rational property rights and iniquitous rivalry laws.

The company also keeps on changing the packaging from time to time. TPNutrition works with different styles of product stickers or covers. So there might be a slight chance that the images present on the product will be a little different in real-time from the ones present on the website.

TPNutrition is not indebted to carry out any responsibility towards the client if it is prohibited from doing so as a consequence of a condition that is not because of the company’s fault, nor not because of any legal action or commonly established views. It includes a strike, transport delay, and breakdown to transport or no longer deliver on time by merchants.

Health Disclaimer

Keep in mind that our company does not present any sort of medical advice to the customer. We are not a medical organization and our staff members cannot assist you in this area. We are unable to provide any sort of diagnosis or medical advice to you. Always consider seeking the advice of a physician before getting in touch with a nutrition company and using their products and services.

All the content present on the Company’s websites, such as graphics, text, images, interactive tools, and other material enclosed on the site are for informational purposes only. It is beneficial to seek the advice of a qualified doctor or physician regarding your medical condition. All sort of nutritional suggestion provided by our company is for instructive purposes only.

All sort of nutritional instruction should be taken at the prudence and jeopardy of the visitor/customer. Dependence on any information present on the company’s websites, reading information posted by other customers to the sites is exclusively at your peril. Dietetic advice is subject to continually growing information about nutritional science, sports science, and health science. Though we stand our dietary tips and training on current knowledge and studies, we do not promise that these replicate the most up-to-date knowledge or research findings.

 Subscription Policies

  • By signing up for the TPNutrition website,
  • You are Users with 18 years or above age can subscribe to the website.
  • One can see the prices of the products on the Website along with the payment point. Keep in mind that our company has the complete right to change those prices at any time according to their choice.


Retention of title

All services and goods delivered to the clients by us remain the property of TPNutrition in anticipation of all amounts payable by the client for the goods delivered under the conformity have been paid in full to TPNutrition.

Use of Site

  • Being a client you must understand that you are legally, morally, and financially accountable for all uses of this Website. Do not worry about your private information.
  • Do not upload, post, transmit, or link any threatening, libelous, unlawful, defamatory, indecent, obscene, pornographic, inflammatory, or irreverent material that would be measured as an unlawful or criminal offense, violate any law, or give rise to civil accountability.
  • Under such conditions or whatever other conditions where there are solid reasons for accepting that not doing so will result in harm to research members or others, or any type of criminal behavior, we claim all authority to reveal some or all of the private information that we embrace about you to legal authorities. We additionally claim all authority to promptly end your admittance to the Website and restrict you from any further access.


Some of the important categories of cookies that the website uses are as follows:

Category 1 - Unnecessary Cookies

These cookies are necessary for the programming of the site to work. It is present in almost all websites. The purpose of these cookies is to move around the Website and make use of its features and functionalities, such as the right of entry to some of the secure areas of the Website.

Category 2 - Performance Cookies


These cookies are used to gather information about how the users use a Website. It keeps track of all the activities, i.e., which pages are mostly visited by the users. However, keep in mind that these cookies don’t collect the visitor’s information. All the information collected by these cookies is collective and anonymous. The purpose of these cookies is to improve the overall performance of the website.


Category 3 - Functionality Cookies


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While using the website, if you register with us or if you persist to use our Website then it means you accept our cookies.

Personal Data & Privacy

  • With us, you don’t have to worry about the privacy and safety measures of your data. When a client uses our website, he/she assent to our processing of your data and information as described in these terms. You’ll also make sure that the data you enter is accurate.
  • Our company will protect our users’ personal information by making use of standard secure data safety practices and tools. Though, we are liable to disclose some of the definite information to lawful authorities in case of any illegal or illegitimate activity.
  • Our company contains a best support service team who are always ready to help our clients in the best manner. We listen to our client’s queries and assist them in less time. We keep account of our regular clients and keep them notified with all the latest news and updates. We keep them up to date and get in touch with them from time to time.
  • Keep this noted that we properly keep our client’s data safe and secure. We do not enclose any personal information of our clients with anyone for marketing or advertising purposes.
  • In case some user leaves all or some part of their Profile blank on the website then that anonymous data will not be used in any research associated with the queries enclosed in the profile that you have selected not to respond.
  • All sorts of data or information entered on the Website will be trailed using keywords to look for general trends as mentioned in the Cookie segment above.

Danger, Threat, or Risk

In case, some package gets lost or damaged during the transport or shipping process, our company will start an investigation about it. However, keep in mind, TPNutrition is not responsible about what happened during the transport. It means that in such situations, the charges cannot be recovered by TPNutrition.

Property Rights

The purchasers must completely and categorically value all industrial and intellectual possessions rights that rest on the supplies conveyed by TPNutrition. TPNutrition does not guarantee that the goods delivered to the customer do not violate any industrial or intellectual property rights of third parties and does not acknowledge any responsibility in the event of any alleged by third parties supported on the statement that a product delivered by TPNutrition is infringed.


Our company is in no way responsible for damage, delays, misunderstandings, or indistinct communication of orders and communications as a result of the use of the internet or any other communication means in the traffic among the client and TPNutrition, or among TPNutrition and third parties.



The fastest way to ensure you get what you want is to return the item you have, and once the return is accepted, make a separate purchase for the new item.


Customer Service

1.) As mentioned earlier, our company provides the best customer service to our clients. For us, the satisfaction of our clients is above everything else. Our team members always look up to the issues reported by our clients and strive to provide them the best help. All complaints related to delivery, quality, quality, of the item are seriously observed and managed. Our staff members also handle any other complaints other than this and provide our customers an amazing experience.

2.) The clients can easily report a problem or make a complaint to the Support department of TPNutrition. One can easily get the detail of this section from the company’s website. The customers can email us their queries at tpnklantservice@gmail.com.

3.) Our company will try to resolve the issue within fourteen (14) working days. Once the problem is resolved, our company will inform the client about this in writing, i.e., email, letter, or fax.

Best Service

We keep proper account of our regular customers and provide them the best possible services. All the personal details that our clients enter on our website will be included in a file. All such information will be used for completing the particular client's order.

1.) Our company includes all the personal data of our clients’ in a central file of TPNutrition. Through this information, we will keep our customers completely up-to-date about TPNutritions’ services and business.

2.) All the client data will be processed in agreement with appropriate laws and regulations.

3.) In case the user wants the company to update any of their details then they can tell the team members. The experts make all the changes and update their entire client’s information.

However, keep in mind that or company is not responsible if the clients do not like the taste of the product. We will not accept any package that is open or used and will not refund any money in such a case.


TPNutrition Address

The address of the company is:


Adres                 :Cornelis Outshoornstraat 67
City/Zipcode      :Breda / 4827JA
Country             :Netherlands

Company information :KVK :82121702
                                   :BTW-ID :NL003642772B58


The company will ship all the orders to the address given to them by the client. In case the address of the client gets change then it is their responsibility to update the company about it for future orders.

The company is allowed to use third parties for the implementation of the client's order(s) as per their ease.